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While I would love to be able to make Lo-fi Gun & Game succeed on a budget of zero dollars, everything in life costs and most of it costs a lot. Web hosting, domain name registration, ballistics gel, and products to test all add up in a hurry. Additionally, I’m quite fond of eating and having a warm place to sleep at night.

Not wanting to clutter my site with millions of blinking ads that no one is going to click or to lose readers by charging a subscription fee, I’ve decided to rely on the kindness of strangers and ask anyone who enjoys this publication to chip in just a little. I’m asking (but not demanding) that readers make a suggested donation of $12 per year in order to help this publication grow and succeed. Essentially, willing donors will be paying a voluntary, $1 per month subscription fee.

Naturally you, dear reader, are asking yourself, what’s in it for me? Why should I send my hard earned $12 to some guy in Maine who basically just declared himself a gun writer? In short, your donation will help make this project awesome. Making money means I can do all of the following: buy more test equipment and hunting, fishing, and shooting products to evaluate, hire additional writers to add more voices and points of view to the site, update more frequently, and offer better (more expensive) monthly giveaways. If any of that sounds appealing, please donate by clicking the “Donate” button in the margin. (600)