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Product Review: BPI’s Thug Slug

Ballistic Products Thug Slug

Being an avid handloader of shotgun slugs, I was naturally intrigued when I learned earlier this year that Ballistics Products Inc. of Hamel, MN had added a new slug to its lineup of components for handloaders. As soon as I…

Six tips for better tasting wild game


In past conversations with non-hunting friends, when I’ve mentioned eating wild game, the reaction has often been a sour look and a sneer. “How can you eat that stuff,” they would ask. “It’s so tough, dry and gamy.” Such a…

Mackerel have returned for the summer!

Mackerel and pollock caught from the schoodic Peninsula

My wife and I made another trip down to the Schoodic Peninsula yesterday for the dual purpose of fishing and escaping the heat. We’ve been enduring a rare period of hot, sunny, and humid weather recently and the temperature is…