Lo-fi Gun & Game is going on indefinite but temporary hiatus

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My lovely wife went and got herself a major promotion with her employer. The catch is that taking the new position requires us to relocate from Downeast Maine to Sacramento, California. Given the extreme, exhausting, and expensive  nature of this impending move, I’m not going to have the time or resources to produce articles of reasonable quality for the next few months. Instead of posting a bunch of half-assed filler articles, I’m opting to take an extended break until we’re comfortably settled into our new home. Look for new content by mid-summer, 2014.

While I’m inevitably a little apprehensive to leave New England (a region I’ve called home since birth) I’m excited to give life a go on the other side of the country. Naturally, I’m looking forward to seeing what hunting and fishing opportunities await me in the golden state.

Thanks for reading and check back here in July or August. Also, if anyone knows of a potential job opportunity in the Sacramento area for an outdoor enthusiast who is also a reasonably proficient writer, please shoot me an email. (1435)