Seeking feedback on a relaunch plan for Lo-fi Gun & Game

One of the biggest stumbling blocks I’m facing as I plan the re-launch of the Lo-fi Gun & Game project is that of monetization. While I harbor no illusions that this site will ever grow into a multi-million dollar media powerhouse, it would certainly be really nice to make a little money doing what I love (writing about hunting, fishing, and firearms) as well as to be in a position where I can pay good writers to contribute to the project, thus diversifying the number of voices and perspectives resulting in a more interesting publication for the audience.

The traditional route for monetizing an online project is advertising, but this is an option I would like to avoid if at all possible. Online ads are at best an intrusive eyesore and worst will crash a browser. Who hasn’t gone to a website, intent on reading an article, only to have an obnoxious video ad auto play, or have your computer choke on a multitude of flash ads? Such problems are even more frustrating for the many people worldwide who don’t have access to a broadband internet service. Additionally, advertisements can draw a publication’s impartiality into question. Can I write a truly impartial review of, say, a rifle made by Remington if Remington is one of my advertisers? Not that Remington is any hurry to advertise with me, but the point stands.

The idea I’m currently toying with is producing a monthly e-magazine that would available for download for a modest fee ($2.50 or less). Alternatively, articles could be sold individually for a very small fee ($1.00 or less), or a pay wall could be installed on the website.

The question I’m asking anyone who happens to read this is, will you pay a very small amount for excellent advertisement free content produced by myself or other (possibly better) writers?  

Any feedback or suggestions will be welcomed and appreciated. Please let me know your thoughts via email (, facebook, or the comments section. (595)